Bud Excell

Flowering accelerator

Bud Excell is an organic, liquid and concentrate melioration, prepared with fulvic and humic acids, extracted from high quality Leonardite. Bud Excell increases the size and weight of the flower clusters, and thereby it will give a sweet and pleasant taste to the finished product.

The primary role of organic acids in soil-less cultures, is to improve the physical (water retention, water availability), chemical (chelation power to facilitate the absorption of minerals) and biological (improve the activity of microbial life in the substrate) conditions of the substrates, which makes Bud Excell to an excellent root booster. We recommend it also for the growth (18/24 hours), time in which a small contribution can not be superfluous.

In hydroponics, Bud Excell helps your plants to find similar conditions to soil-cultures, by simulating the presence of a clay-humus complex in the rhizosphere. Which gives to your flowers, the famous original "Earth" flavor, but by keeping the high yield of hydroponic culture.

Bud Excell is organic, and therefore completely compatible with organic substrates (coconut fiber, compost). It will help the flowers to express their full genetic potential, to make full use of the properties of the individual varieties grown.
Regardless of the method of cultivation, bring your Anbaugebietern Bud Excell, power and authenticity.


Benefits of Growth:

  • Increases the weight of the root system
  • Facilitates the absorption of minerals
  • Increases the biological activity of the soil
  • Facilitates the transport of nutrients in the plant
  • Accelerates cell division (root and leaf)
  • Increase the biomass of the whole plant


Effects on flowering:

  • Sensitizes the plant for the change in photoperiod
  • Increases the number of flowers
  • Increasing the size of the flowers
  • Increasing the dry matter
  • Increases the quality (color, flavor and firmness)More homogeneous crop
Bud Excell


  • 250 ml bottle
  • 500 ml bottle
  • 1L bottle
  • 5L Can