Root stimulator

Rhizomass is a root growth stimulator which operates on three distinct principles:


1 - Protection of auxin (IAA)
Rhizomass do not contain any hormones, but helps to raise the level of those in the parts of the plant, when she needed it the most.

Auxins are transported as the sap, from the top to the bottom of the plant, its natural concentration in plant tissues increases on each obstacle (node) during the transport from the stems to the roots. Therefore we take cuttings from a node, where the auxin concentration is the highest. When the auxins arrive in the roots, they are gradually damaged, until they disappear.
Rhizomass "enclose" (surround) the auxins, to bring them to slow there deterioration down and thus to benefit longer to the root tissues. More auxin in the roots = more root growth.



2 -Resistance by root woodyness
Roots, especially the root hairs, suffer from watering, as from the physical, chemical and biological constraints of the plant (drought, over watering, over fertilization, insects, fungi, etc..). Even in small and invisible quantities these events will have an impact on the quality and quantity of crops. Fortunately plant tissues have the ability to heal thus to re-generate itselfs. Rhizomass's molecules stimulate the production of ISO-peroxides, a natural enzyme that further tissue healing by depositing lignin in the cell walls of the roots: thats the cell lignification. Rhizomass role is to force the lignification of root tissue to make the plant stronger and more resistant to external agressions.


3 - The role of starch and energy distribution
Starch is in some way a energy-giving food reserve for the plant tissues. Plants store starch before it turns into sugar energy, which is immediately usable by the plant. So strach plays a role in storing energy, which can be requested at any time to cope with stress, pest attack or other stress. Starch is present at high levels in the roots but also in the fruits (where it turns into sugar during ripening). Therefore it is essential that this stored energy will be fully restored to the fruits at the time of flowering, to enable the flowers to express theirs maximum genetic potential. So that the use of this energy for restoring a situation of stress can be avoid and thus to not waste this starch stored in the roots, which could go directly to the fruit flowers, Rhizomass will indirectly promote preventing accumulation of starch in the flowers. By this way the plant stores starch in fruits and flowers without constraint. This gives larger and more compact flowers.


Rhizomass, essential in the flowering period
For those reasons it is necessary to use Rhizomass during the period of growth and also during the periods of flowering and ripening.
During the flowering stage it will not be necessary to use Rhizomass since the flowers are not ripe by more than 50%, because the reserves of starch will gradually be transformed into sugars throughout the ripening period.


Rhizomass, a real stimulator!
It is through these three principles that we can say that Rhizomass is a real root stimulator unlike other root stimulators which are mostly composed of organic acids such as humic, fulvic and amino acids that have more beneficial actions on the soil directly than on the roots themselves. Rhizomass is not a fertilizer or amendment, this is a REAL root-stimulator!




  • 250 ml bottle
  • 500 ml bottle
  • 1L bottle
  • 5L Can