Bloom part 1&2

Aggressive results

France Hydroponique has developed a unique and concentrated formula during 2 years, putting all the essential nutrients for growth and flowering together for annual plants in directed culture.

FH BLOOM 1+2 is 100% mineral, therefore it is used on all type of substrate (soil, rock wool, hydroponics and coco) and was developed in order to respond to an intense climate request.

Its formula composed of the purest minerals has several advantages that make this nutrient solution ideal for fast-growing plants:


Ease of Use:

  • Optimal solubility in nutrient solution (no suspension)
  • Incomparable PH stability
  • No crystallization or deposits
  • Withstands high temperature amplitudes


Ultra complete formulation:

  • No loss, no deficiency.
  • Acceleration of plant metabolism (increased cell division).
  • Regulates osmotic pressure at the root hairs
  • Develops large roots and rootlets (extended absorption surface).
  • Strengthens the cell walls of stems and leaves (temperature & insects).
  • Promotes the photosynthetic activity, dark and thick foliage.
  • Maintenance of biological activity in the substrate.
  • Fast training of flowers and compact fruit
  • Optimal size, color and quality of flowers
  • Increase the sugar content, the essences and the flavors in crops
  • FH BLOOM uses only pure and clear products in its own formula and allows the plant to express its full genetic potential. FH respect the work of breeders.
Bloom part 1&2


  • 250 ml bottle
  • 500 ml bottle
  • 1L bottle
  • 5L Can
  • 10L Can
  • 10L Can