Terra master 3

Profesionnal compost 3 in 1

Terra Master 3 is the first compost which integrates a professional root growth stimulator (it is therefor the only one to comply with the norm NFU 44-551/A4).


Its physical structure has been studied so that the soil does not be compressed over the watering, for this we created a subtle mixture of peat moss, black peat, coconut fiber and composted bark. And your plants will so benefit from its high water holding capacity, while its high porosity ensures high oxygen content throughout the crop cycle. Finally, its strong buffer power protects the plant against the risk of salinity and regulates the progressive mineralization of organic matter and thus optimizes nutrients absorption.


TerraMaster3's chemical phase was also expertly prepared. In fact, to obtain 15 days autonomy without the need of additional fertilizer, we have added an organic fertilizer 3-2-3 + 1MgO composed of humus and guano. This fertilizer also contributes to the activation of the biological flora (bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi) in the soil.


In addition, the Rhizomass root stimulator is integrated to the compost, what ensures staggering rooting and seedlings planting and makes it particularly effective at transplantions. Plants will not be stressed if they are repotted in TerraMaster3. Finally, low electro-conductivity (0.36ms/cm) and its right pH (pH = 6) allows the grower to use TerraMaster3 early in the growth cycle and gives the guarantee of a successful crop from the 1st day of use. You'll find more about on the data sheet Rhizomass, to appreciate its unique agronomic qualities. With Terramaster3 you have no need to use a root stimulator.


TerraMaster3 preserves balance and stimulates the vital functions of plants with a perfect combination of fertilizer, stimulator and amendment. Terramaster3 is a true trio of active ingredients for significant differences!
Amateur gardener or professional horticulturist, everyone can find what they desire with Terra Master 3!


You will enjoy:

  • Subtle mixture of peat, bark and coconut fiber
  • Intense biological flora activity (bacteria and mycorrhiza)
  • Enriched by fertilizers and organic amendments (humus and guano)
  • Low compression rate, high porosity and high capillarity
  • Increased resistance to water, heat and cold stress
  • Integrated Rhizomass-stimulator, rapid plants recovery
  • Compatible with mineral, organo-mineral and organic fertilizers
  • Can be used in organic farming according to RCE 834/2007


Terra master 3

Conditionnement :

  • 10L Bucket
  • Soon in 50 Liter Bags